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Development of a Simple Configurable Continuous Track Robot with SolidWorks

In this tutorial, I am going to show how to develop a continuous track robot that is flexible in delivering goods in industries. The robot consists a continuous flexible belt or chain, in which three rollers are constrained so that the robot can achieve adjustable motion when it is actuated. This is a very basic configuration that may be made more advanced according to your desired tasks to be accomplished by the robot.

The continuous tracking robot has the following configurable parts:

Belt or chain drive
Wheels or rollers
Motors or actuators
Couplings or bearings used as joints between parts

The following images shows the configuration for the tracking robot.

configuration for the tracking robot

configuration for the tracking robot

configuration for the tracking robot

For convenience, in SolidWorks, you may have different visualization options. The following image depicts the wireframe type visualization of the assembly, which shows you the hidden lines, corners, and so forth.

assembly visualization of the configuration of the tracking robot

The following design shows the engineering or technical drawing of the robot system. All dimensions shown are in millimetres (mm).

technical drawing of the robot system
The following video shows the motion simulation of the continuous track robot. The animation is made by the SolidWorks Motion Simulation manager. This is a very intuitive tool if you would like to visualize the movement of your structure prior to manufacturing.

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