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Learning Mathematica, Lesson 1: Plotting a Function

This is the very first lesson or tutorial on Mathematica. As I am in the process of learning this tool, I will gradually post more articles on this, ranging from basic to advanced level problems. So, the first question is, what is Mathematica? It is simply a tool for computing, but it has an advantage that the symbolic expression is much user-friendly and more interactive than MATLAB.

Although, MATLAB is a much bigger platform than Mathematica, because MATLAB has numerous toolboxes and libraries that are designed for specific fields. Nevertheless, Mathematica, a product from Wolfram Research, is great for symbolic and interactive computing with a very neat interface. You may try it for free here just to see its environment. Let's start, how Mathematica looks like. After you install it (which isn't complex, it's pretty straightforward, if you just follow the instructions), click on your desktop shortcut and it will look like the following:

how Mathematica looks like

Then, you need to click on the "Documentations" to proceed which will bring the following:

how Mathematica looks like

Now, if you like to start writing you very first code on Mathematica, then click File, and select Notebook.

how Mathematica looks like

Now, write you first code here, and execute it. Let's say, we like to plot a function which looks as follows,

plotting a function in Mathematica

To execute the program above, you need to click on Evaluation and then, select Evaluate Notebook. The variable X varies from 0 to 5.

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