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Suppression of Rubbing in a Rotating Machine by a Novel Lemon Shaped Bea...

This video shows an experiment on how to minimize rubbing between a rotor and a guide that typically happens in a high speed rotating machine with a newly developed lemon shaped bearing or guide. Although, it might not seem relevant to the context of this blog; but it is here for the visualization purpose of the interaction of real components in a typical rotating machine. We see here as the speed goes high, the system enters into its resonance frequency where it vibrates excessively. The lemon shaped bearing or guide helps prevent the excessive rubbing while the rotor-bearing assembly is in the natural frequency zone. It has been found from our research that lemon shaped guide minimizes rubbing better than the circular guide (https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4043817). It should be noted that experiment is the best way of visualization; although, it is sometimes difficult to conduct an experiment due to cost, lack of materials, facilities and so on. In this case, modelling-simulation is alternatively the better way for visualization.

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